Let Pastoral Solutions Find Faithful Solutions for You.

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  • Marriage Improvement (couples or solo spouse)
  • Help for Parenting Problems
  • Overcoming Depression and Anxiety
  • Support through Spiritual Crises
  • Overcoming Codependency
  • Faithful Solutions to Sexual Problems
  • Resolving Family Conflict
  • Living a More Peaceful, Joyful Life
  • Spiritual Direction

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About Our Counselors
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Finding the right counselor is important. You want someone you can trust. You need someone with the skills and knowledge to help you break through the walls that stand between you and the rewarding marriage, family, or personal life you so deeply desire and so richly deserve.

Most importantly, you need someone with the ability to help you find solutions that are consistent with and respectful of your Catholic faith.

Fortunately, we live in an age where technology places the best counseling resources right at your fingertips. For many people, phone consultations provide just the right mix of professionalism, privacy, and convenience. Because you make the call from the comfort of your own home, sessions are completely confidential. Because most tele-clients are highly motivated, you can be assured that our counselors will work hard to make each meeting a dynamic experience for you. And because you will be working step-by-step toward a clearly defined goal, you will be able to monitor your progress week-by-week. A simple phone call could be your first step on a journey to a more rewarding, more fulfilling life.

We use a special clinical format that can help you begin to find solutions in our first session. You will end each phone contact with something new. A new technique, a new direction, more hope, greater resolve, and ultimately, a tailor-made resolution. It’s time to make a change for the better. Call or E-mail me today. Let Pastoral Solutions help you make your world a better place to live.

May God Bless You Abundantly,

Gregory K. Popcak, Ph.D., MSW., LISW-S
Executive Director / Clinical Supervisor
Pastoral Solutions Institute